Welcome to the Darkfire RPG!

Darkfire is a free multiplayer online roleplaying game in retro-style overhead view. Hunt for rare artefacts, solve quests, learn unique skills and improve your character in countless different ways! Read more about the game features or take a look at the screenshots gallery.

In order to start playing, all you need to do is download and run the game client. Darkfire is free to play.

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Content Update

New dungeons have been added below the "haunted ruins". There is a new quest series, including an entirely new type of quest: Escort a friendly warrior through the haunted ruins, while keeping him alive. Warrior-type players may be interested in the sword, that can be won through this quest.

There are also new monster types and a new arcane spell can be found - wizards behold!

New Skill Icons / Artefacts

The skill icons have been redesigned, in order to reflect both category and resource consumption visually.

Artefact dropchances haven been tweaked and overall increased. New artefact "titan's bracers" has been added.

Expansion Update

The game world has expanded. Several new areas have been added to the higher-level parts, byond the river. There is lots of new stuff to discover: monsters, items, graphics, quests and skills. Try the new boss fights.

Content Update / Monk Improvements

A new area has been added to the fungus forest. Monk class can now upgrade the "Circle of Healing" skill. Several rebalances for the monk. Valor potions can now be found in shops. A new quest for all non-monk classes.

It is now possible to learn new skills despite lacking stat points. A debt of up to six stat points may be taken. A dept of stat points is subsequently cleared after level-ups. This change should help to make learning new skills easier. Saving up stat points (without spending them) was difficult and many players just didn't do it.

Mutant Class Rebalancing

Several changes have improved the balance and playability of the mutant class: There is now a confirmation process for mutations - which allows mutans to control the changes of their gear (body parts) in a much better way. New flesh items and mutations have been added - existing ones have been rebalanced. There is now much more high level gear for mutants available.

Wizard Skills

New skills and quests for the wizard have been added.
Small balancing changes.

Client 1.0.10 - Windows XP

New game client version 1.0.10 released: Fixed support for Windows XP.

Monk Class Rebalancing

The monk class is now better balanced and thus more fun to play. Special quests for the monk class have been added. Valor potions have been introduced, to help monks build up initial valor after re-login or death.

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