Depending on your character build, there are up to five resources that you can attain: Life, Stamina, Valor, Mana and Balance.

Resource Bars

Resources are presented in the form of colored bars, as displayed to the left. As you gain resource points, the bars fill up with color from left to right. When you spend and loose resource points, the bars turn gradually white (empty).


Life points represent your health condition. When your life points drop to zero, you die.

The more life points you have, the better your chances are to surivive long-lasting battles.


Stamina points define your ability to run fast. While running, your stamina will decrease. While resting, your stamina will regenerate.

Note that your stamina regeneration rate will accelerate over time, while you are resting motionless and without being attacked.

Some skills drain stamina when used. The monk’s ability “Circle of Healing” does that, for example.

Pay attention to your stamina bar during combat. If your life runs low, the stamina value determines wether you are able run away in time or not.


Valor is a resource used to invoke combat-related skills. A good example are the warrior class skills “Battle Tactics” and “Titan Strength”.

Skills that drain valor typically help you to be more effective in close combat. They often improve your damage or boost your defence.

Valor points are awarded for successfully hitting and damaging monsters in close combat. In order to get higher amounts of valor, invest stat points into combat mastery.


Mana is a resource used to cast magic spells. A good example are the wizard class spells “Fireball” and “Fire Chasm”.

Spells that drain mana typically inflict direct elemental damage, such as fire, electricity or cold. Many such spells allow for ranged attacks, like the fireball.

Mana regenerates over time. In order to get higher amounts of mana, invest stat points into magic potential.


Balance is a resource used to cast support spells. A good example are spells like “Raven”, “Poison Trap” and “Circly of Healing”.

Spells that drain balance are typically of supporting nature. They do not inflict direct damage, but help you indirectly to be more effective. Healing spells and summoning spells are classic examples.

Balance points are awarded for defeating (killing) monsters. In order to get higher amounts of balance, invest stat points into spiritual power.