When you level up, you get four stat-points. You can spend these to develop your character’s attributes: vitality, combat mastery, magic potential or spiritual power.

Vitality Vitality

Vitality increases your maximum amount of life. It also improves your health regeneration. Due to this, vitality is the most reliable option to boost your survivability.

In addition, vitality increases your maximum amount of stamina.

All character builds will find vitality a helpful attribute in order to survive long-lasting battles. The increased health regeneration rate can eliminate the need to rest between battles. The increased stamina pool can be helpful as well, especially if you plan to use skills that drain stamina.

Combat Mastery Combat Mastery

Combat mastery increases both attack rating and valor.

Attack rating increases your chance to hit enemies with melee weapon attacks. Swords, maces, daggers, spears… - attack rating affects all types of weapons you can wield. In this way, combat mastery can increase your damage output. It is a great choice for all players who want to engage in close combat (melee).

Note that you need to spend eight stat points to increase attack rating by one. This is a counterbalance to the fact that attack rating is an extremely effective attribute.

Furthermore, combat mastery increases your maximum amount of valor. The process of generating and degenerating valor is also accelerated. The net effect of combat mastery is that you will have more valor at your disposal.

For all characters using skills that drain valor, combat mastery is an excellent choice.

A certain amount of combat mastery is required to wear most pieces of heavy armour. Thus, if you invest in combat mastery, you will be able to wield armour of higher quality.

Magic Potential Magic Potential

Magic potential increases your maximum amount of mana. It also improves your mana regeneration.

Obviously, mana is an essential attribute for all caster-type builds which rely on the use of skills that drain mana. It is so important actually, that you should not choose anything else unless you feel really comfortable with your mana regeneration speed.

A certain amount of magic potential is also required in order to wear magical devices of higher quality, like magic wands for example.

Spiritual Power Spiritual Power

Spiritual power increases your maximum amount of balance. It also increases the amount of balance generated per defeated monster.

For all characters that heavily depend on skills that drain balance, spiritual power is an essential attribute.

 Intellect Intellect

The intellect value is increased whenever you learn a new skill. It does not provide any benefit apart from the skill that is being learned.

In order to learn a new skill you should keep some stat points undistributed. When you find a person that offers to teach you a skill, you will be asked to invest a certain amount of stat points. When you select “Ok”, those stat points will be converted to intellect.

How many stat points are required to learn a skill varies: